Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 988


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned should be the title of this episode because Shagun certainly has no limits to her anger. This is because she suddenly walks in on Raman Ishita and Vidyut chilling together and realises that it was all a ploy to get Pihu’s custody. And for a whole eight minutes, Shagun rants and raves at them (her pink stilettos sort of add to her anger element), and she walks off with Pihu, leaving behind a blubbering, tearful Raman and Ishita. Vidyut gets his share of temper tantrums as well (everyone from Ruhi to Shagun seems to be abusing him and it’s not even the poor guy’s fault) and he just stands there speechless.

But in the midst of this drama, Adelaide tourism is not to be missed, and there is a lovely pre Christmas parade that is shown, resplendent with all sorts of life size characters and toys.

Pihu too is not be exempt from her mother’s wrath and when Shagun is ranting away to glory, she makes the mistake of defending Raman and says that he is actually a good father. Shagun’s pitch rises some more, to the point of reducing the kid to tears.

Tears don’t escape Raman Ishita as well, and the duo stand and wail about their lost chance. Ishita goes into full whine mode, and cries that she never saw her children’s childhood and never will again while Raman is frustrated and sad.

Back home in Delhi, it is Aliya who finally decides to solve the mystery of Simi’s gifts and when she asks Ananya about them, the latter reveals her ignorance about it. And Aliya starts smelling a rat.

Meanwhile Ruhi, decides to be her parents’ saviour and plans on talking to Pihu alone. She follows them to the kangaroo and koala park. So shopping malls, islands, sea life, vineyards, restaurants, parades, trams and now animals, the creative team has covered all aspects of Adelaide life. And so, we are in the Kangaroo and Koala park, where little Pihu poses with the cute as a button koalas.

The birds section is equally adorable and a super excited Pihu happily feeds the seagulls and the little native birds.

The best part is left for the last, when we are shown the kangaroo park. Kangaroos are definitely the world’s cutest creatures and even Pihu cannot resist feeding the joeys and cuddling them. Ruhi accompanies her there and in the absence of Shagun, seizes her opportunity to convince Pihu about Ishita’s infinite goodness. And using the analogy of kangaroo mothers and how they protect and nurture their joeys (such creative thinking, I wonder), Ruhi tries to convince Pihu. But the latter is stubborn as hell, and the moment she realises her sister’s plan, she bursts out against Ishita. But Ruhi is determined to win her argument and the episode ends; on a very dramatic note.

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