Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 987


And the ‘Great Indian Farce’ is revealed once again, and the threads of the tale come together finally. So Vidyut obviously is doing everything to just hand over Pihu’s custody to Raman, and he has no love whatsoever for Shagun. But the latter, whose nature is vain and shall always remain so, is completely trapped by him, and when Vidyut publicly proclaims his love for her, and slips a ring onto her finger, Shagun cannot say no. And even as he is doing the whole going down on one knee and etc, Ruhi happens to see them (how does she always know where they are is a pretty mystifying question) and as she furiously come marching up to cut Vidyut into little pieces and feed him to the wolves, she is pulled away by our mystery lady who had paid Shagun’s molester. And to no one’s surprise, it is Ishita, who finally decides to let in Ruhi on the whole elaborate drama (she probably realised it was for everyone’s safety, especially Vidyut’s as Ruhi would have probably turned his existence into past sense any moment). She mentions everything, saying it was all for Pihu’s custody, though even after all her explanations, her logic seems even more preposterous and bogus. For example, why would Pihu want to come back to Raman just because Ishita was estranged from him? And what happens once Pihu goes back to him and realises Ishita was never separated from him? And how were they so sure Shagun would want to give up Pihu just because a new man is in her life? And why hide it from the family at the very least?

But again, logic is not always their first priority, and we must be content with Ruhi becoming the sweet child again, and smiling from ear to ear at the truth that her parents still love each other.

Back to Shagun, who is still hesitant and in two minds about Pihu and Mani. Vidyut further goads her into getting a divorce from Mani, and then playing the emotional blackmail card, asks her to give up Pihu’s custody to her husband, as he’s not ready for a child. And Shagun agrees. The moment is one of those life-comes-full-circle ones, and for all the times when Shagun had done the same thing to Raman and entrapped him with false words and ultimately taken his child away, the same thing is happening to her now.

Ruhi meanwhile, decides to take Raman’s case and pretends to be very happy about their divorce, until Raman bursts out with the truth. And it’s a mini family reunion again when Ishita Raman and Ruhi come together.

Back in Delhi, Simi is still under the illusion that it’s her daughter who has been surprising her, and even when she herself gifts Ananya a new dress, she doesn’t find out the truth. Fresh trouble is brewing for Simi.

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