Episode 1016


So Simmi and Gaurav are on the verge of falling in love. After Gaurav has turned saviour for them, and helped recover Madhu’s real necklace, the two stand exchanging sweet glances and Santosh gets a whiff of it. She teases Simmi about it but not much transpires.
Back to the main development, so it turns out that our mystery creepo is even more sinister than we thought and he was actually responsible for Bhallaji’s accident too. He confesses this himself in a sms he sends Ruhi and she is even more petrified now. Raman finally does something constructive and rushes to the cyber cell to complain, but as it turns out, Sohail has already acted (he really is very sensible) and lodged a complaint.
The focus is now on our prima donnas, Adi and Aliya. It is the same done to death story with them, and Aliya is a raging bull and refuses to pick his calls, and even when she does, she is in no mood to relent and super politely, hangs up in his face and switches off her phone. Adi (who really is extremely obtuse at times, and doesn’t possess one bit of tact or diplomacy or even his father’s charm) then has the brainwave to call on her landline, and quite obviously she doesn’t receive it. To make matters worse, it is Shagun who picks up the call, and before she can even say hello, Adi has already started ranting. So even Shagun knows about their lover’s tiff and wastes no time and no opportunity in giving her son a piece of her mind.
So there’s a reason why Shagun is also so pissed off, she too has had a lover’s tiff with Mani, and the situation hasn’t improved at all between them. Mani is still huffing mad about her almost infidelity in Australia, and has absolutely no intentions of forgiving Shagun (for all her smartness and cunning, Shagun completely failed to realise that Mani is unlike any of her previous boyfriends be it Ashok or Manoj, and being extremely straightforward and simple minded, he doesn’t have any greed or temptations). And worst still, Mani has even planned out the future, he wants a divorce as soon as Aliya and Adi get married. Shagun has met her match at last, and no amount of pleading and requesting or tempting with food and good looks helps her case. Mani is that ultimate loyal man, who will give up his life for his love if required, but is equally capable of going mental and losing his head and breaking apart too. This is a different kind of mess for Shagun, and we see how her inherent insecurity hasn’t diminished one bit when she desperately requests Aliya to help her out.But even Aliya fails, because Mani refuses point blank to listen to her and is hell bent on getting her married off at the earliest.
It’s like the characters are all a magnet for attraction calamities of the worst kind ever.

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