Episode 1015


So a lot of things develop quickly in this episode providing a respite from the super slow teary melodrama of the previous episodes. Firstly, Ruhi finally gets the courage and common sense to tell Ishita about the mms (though with infinite tears and wails) and the reaction is pretty obvious. Ishita is shocked beyond words and devastated and it gets even worse when Raman finds out, and the two parents sitting quietly in their bedroom united by their grief is not something that you can easily forget. But like all parents of this world, it is a grief that turns to resolute strength of character for both of them decide to be a rock for their daughter.
Secondly, the trio of Simmi and Madhu and Santosh turn up at the dealer’s, who is none other than Gaurav (Simmi’s new secret friend). Yeah it’s a pretty small world at times. And she realises the fact after they have abused him greatly. But as it turns out, Gaurav is on their side, and helps them to get the culprit punished and even hands them an authentication certificate. Yeah, we can guess what the Simmi-Gaurav track will be.
Thirdly, and this is the most hilarious yet meaningful sub plot. Mihika turns up at the men’s office to meet Romi where she finds Aliya waiting for Adi. The two have a bet that Adi will keep her waiting just like all the other Bhalla men. But Mihika loses, for Adi turns up in five minutes to go for a lunch date with Aliya. And this is where it gets completely crazy, even as Aliya is talking nineteen to the dozen; Adi is busy twiddling away on his phone only to randomly disappear on the pretext of going to the washroom. Twenty minutes later, there is still no sign of Adi and when Aliya gets up to look for him (beat this), our young hero is busy watching a cricket match on the led screen. Like honestly, the dude is actually standing for twenty odd minutes, gloriously enjoying the match, lunch date with fiancée be damned. And the craziest part is that even when Aliya rails and rants at him, he is still focussed on the match, with absolutely no remorse or guilt. And what always happens between the two, Aliya walks off in a huff. At times like this, I have nothing to say other than the fact that the ones who are single, are the smartest ones out there. I do have a question though, does Aliya have NOTHING better to do all day than look pretty, plan lunch dates, call up her fiancé every five minutes ( in his defence the guy actually works his butt off in office, and the poor dude can’t even watch a match in peace for a break)?
And finally for a change, Sohail manages to get into Raman’s good books when he saves Bhallaji from a road accident and brings him home, and Raman is forced to acknowledge his virtues.

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