Episode 1014


It is a typically Indian thing that once we decide to victimise a person, we do such a great job of it, that there is absolutely nothing left of his/her identity anymore, except that he/she is a victim, and has suffered enough for entire humanity’s sake to such an extent that the only thing we can possibly feel is pity. Ruhi is no exception here, and we have one episode of her wailing, weeping, whining continuously, and she is unable to confide in anyone, be it her parents, or her brother, or her aunt. While I genuinely empathise with her situation, which is undoubtedly difficult and challenging, especially for a woman, I do not understand why are our girls and women often shown to be such weak, docile creatures, where their only refuge is to burst into tears, and seek the help of (usually) a male. For all our women emancipation films and messages and videos, it’s like we haven’t moved ahead at all, and we are still stuck in a time where taking the help of a male is our only resort. Ruhi doesn’t think of trying to find out more about the video’s location, or trying to get the caller ID of the number, or going to the cyber cell department or doing a million other constructive things. And conveniently somehow even the video doesn’t get deleted from her phone (I need a phone like that where no matter what, my data will not get erased ever, and my life will be permanently sorted) and that again is one of the things bothering her (as if deleting the video will solve all her problems). So all she does is cry, cry and cry some more and look confused. Only Sohail is confided in about the mms, and being genuinely practical, he too asks her to tell her parents, but obviously, she’ss take a while to understand that.
And in the process of her tears, even Raman and Ishita are (obviously) aghast at her weakness (they’re still unaware about the mms) and there is this one heart wrenching scene where they come to check on her when she’s sleeping and they realise that her pillow is sopping wet from tears. And I have to say this, just how brilliant an actor both Raman and Ishita are- and without saying much, just their expressions convey their pain poignantly. And for all his stubbornness, Raman finally gives in, and helplessly asks Ishita to take over and handle her daughter, he simply makes things worse.
In other developments, it turns out that Madhu’s necklace has fake diamonds, and thus Santosh, Madhu and Simmi go to confront the jeweller and bash him up. However, even the jeweller is surprised and sends them off to the diamond’s dealer to talk with him directly.
Meanwhile, Mani is back in town, though he still has no desire to reconcile with his wife and he’s still sulking at Shagun.
Basically in a nutshell, everyone is battling their own wars of everyday life.

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