Episode 1013


Beginning on a more or less lighter tone than recent episodes, we have Ruhi going into chick mode and whining about her pimple and all the women fawning over her as though she were dying. Meanwhile, even Madhavi faces a sort of existential crisis as Vishwa refuses to notice her new necklace and earrings and she throws a hissy fit, even more when everyone else appreciates it while Vishwa doesn’t (ultimately being the henpecked husband he is-he does acknowledge it, while Madhavi behaves like an adolescent).
Raman meanwhile, is throwing a hissy fit of his own and sulking because everyone was so busy attending to Ruhi that no one paid any attention to his breakfast and thus he’s been hungry all morning. And so Raman’s brain stops working because of lack of food to such an extent that he imagines a burkha clad lady from a food delivery service to be Ishita in disguise, and almost gets accused of molestation-until Ishita herself comes and saves his honour. The main problem with this guy is that he never stops to think, even for a moment, be it about his daughter, or even his wife.
It’s back to drama time now, and I seriously need to know, WHY is it, WHY, that despite his penchant for turning up at the perfect moment and being a paragon of virtues, Sohail always manages to screw up his timings big time when he tries to get close to Ruhi? For the nth time ever, Raman again bursts in on the scene, just as Sohail opens Ruhi’s wig and flirts with her cascading hair, complimenting her beauty. And again for the nth time ever, he bashes up Sohail, and drags a wailing, sobbing Ruhi to the car and takes her home, at which point she simply locks herself up in her room (I would be fed up too). Ishita looks equally frightened and resigned to her fate by now, every time Raman walks in the door, he resembles a murdered in training. Ruhi refuses to open the door despite everyone’s pleas and the family goes back to looking depressed and worried once more.
However, things take on an even more sinister route when Ruhi receives an anonymous video from an unknown number, and the video is anyone’s worst nightmare, an mms of her naked and changing her clothes. It is a double whammy for Ruhi indeed, on one hand she gets grilled by both Raman and Sohail, and now an mms to complete the day for her. And like most teenagers, she is even more petrified as to how her parents would react, which is why when Raman and Ishita turn up in her room on the pretext of fixing Raman’s phone, she hides it and doesn’t confide in her parents, even when Ishita comforts and consoles her. The duo are still squabbling over Sohail’s intentions, even as Ruhi is inwardly dying, and when they leave, she stands completely alone and devastated.

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