Episode 1012


There is this one incident from my childhood which I truly can never forget. I was all of fourteen; the peak of my teens, and the month was December, when the city gets an excuse to party every day and night literally. And my best friend had gotten a new boyfriend who had club passes to one of the most happening clubs in town and she wanted me to come too. The occasion was Christmas and the who’s who of the teenage social circuit would be present, and there would be drop dead gorgeous guys and girls to check out and dance with and basically go wild since there would be no parental supervision. I remember how unimaginably excited I was at the invitation, and I had my almost full class call up my mom to persuade her to let me go. But my mum refused point blank, there would be no adults around, and most importantly, she barely knew anyone who was going to be present, thus automatically making it unsafe. Till date I remember the incident vividly, and my innumerable entreaties which failed to move her. Perhaps now I understand a bit more than I did then, all those years ago, but there is still this tiny little regret, that if only she had trusted me a little more, and had a little more faith in me to let me go, a little more faith that I would keep myself safe. For if I had gone, what would have mattered years later, is not the party or the fun or the memories even, but the fact that my mum chose to trust me a little more and I would have loved her a little more for it. Because the feeling of not getting something especially when you know every one of your friends have it, is what kills you more than not getting the thing or opportunity itself.
I just couldn’t help but recall this incident when Raman too refused outright to let Ruhi go for the concert. Even as she goes to elaborate lengths to impress him, and asks for permission nicely, Raman still is blinded by hatred for Sohail and again flies off the handle at the topic. Thus, what happens next is obvious, Ruhi openly defies her parents and lies her way out to meet him.
When Raman and Ishita find out the truth, he obviously goes ballistics, and both of them turn up at Sohail’s house to find the press there and Ruhi about to make some big announcement. Basically, even as Ruhi is about to announce that she is willing to do the concert, Sohail cancels it, only to have Raman turn up and mention that the concert will happen, and Ruhi will perform. All’s seemingly well for now, and everyone seems happy and Ruhi goes home. But apparently it’s not the whole story because Raman has some ulterior intentions in mind, and the game is on, as Sherlock would say.

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