Episode 1011


So Raman and Ruhi are still at loggerheads with each other, and despite Ishita doing her best to patch them up, the discord still grows, and the worst part is that almost the entire family gets divided up.
Things seem to be completely fine for a moment- the proverbial calm before the storm. Like all egoistic fathers and daughters who feel not take the first step and bow down, Raman and Ruhi are the same and while he sits twiddling on his phone and sipping his tea, Ruhi is busy ignoring him and reading a magazine. And as usual, it is up to Ishita to sort out things, and like all typical Indians-her solution is to use food; in this case sambar. So she mixes almost five teaspoons of red chilli powder in a tiny bowl of sambar and asks Raman to taste it and quickly disappears (you can understand what her intentions are). And it does work, Raman almost stops breathing for a few minutes, and Ruhi helps him live again, giving him water and ice-cream. The duo reconcile again, and the scene is actually quite endearing without too much soppiness.
Unfortunately, the storm has to arrive too, and this time it comes with the police force led by Abhishek. Apparently Sohail’s sister has lodged a complaint against Raman and Romi, and they have to be taken to the police station. Kirti too arrives on the scene and the situation is tense once more. But even as they are about to be whisked away to the police station, Sohail turns up (ALWAYS at the perfect time-no one can beat him at that) and being the ultimate good Samaritan/martyr, takes back the complaint claiming it all to be a misunderstanding. Seriously though, for all the theme’s relatable-ness, no one in real life can be so good, and there has to be something wrong with a person who is so perfect. Unfortunately the only one to understand that is Raman, and Sohail’s grand gesture has absolutely no effect on him and only infuriates him more and father-daughter end up screaming at each other some more. This time even Ishita gets caught in the crossfire when Ruhi accidentally lets slip that Ishita let her visit Sohail and Raman is even more mutinous. The situation doesn’t improve at all, and like all cursed parents who are way too protective about their children, Raman refuses point blank to see logic and reason. It’s only Ishita-always the sensible practical one, who realises the vital truth that even too much love and over protection can be corrosive and backfire at times.
Meanwhile, Simmi is now slowly entering into a world of her own with Gaurav-and the two exchange notes and secrets late at night.
Things turn sour between Ruhi and Sohail too now, as the former bails out on her concert because of Raman and a finally pissed off Sohail loses his cool and hangs up on her. Like in most cases, it is Ruhi who gets grilled the most here.

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