Episode 1009


Some more uncomfortable questions and awkward situations like in wait in this episode, especially on the whole parents v/s children situation. Even as Sohail is taken to the hospital by Bhallaji and Adi, Raman and Ishita have a shouting match about Ruhi. While it is an everyday thing for them to have a shouting match, what hits you the most is when Raman openly confesses his flaws of being hot headed and impulsive and more importantly, declares outright that he will never change his attitude, even at the cost of his relationship with his daughter. And this one mini scene throws open the truth about how parents too are at fault at times, and while it is only fear and love that underlies their anger, what suffers is not the individual, but the relationship between the two generations. And while Ishita is visionary enough to see this and understand the implications of her husband’s words, she stands helpless and afraid that she might not be able to bridge the gap as much as she had thought.
Equally interesting to observe is Romi’s behaviour. Even as Mihika is busy tending to his hand, he goes on spewing venom against Sohail. Psychology dictates that our own behaviour controls our actions and because Romi himself led a wild lifestyle even till a few years back, he treats every other young guy the same way. Mihika too comments on the same thing and Romi accepts it, saying that because he was so immoral at one point, he would be more intolerant towards others. Another poignant moment occurs when Romi accepts that Ruhi is like his own daughter, the child he can never have even as Mihika is left standing mute.
As far as Ruhi is concerned, till this point she is genuinely not at fault, and it is the situation which works against her favour every time. She has not deliberately uttered falsehoods or withheld stuff from Raman Ishita, it is simply the situation against her. But there is a problem with her-similar to most teenagers-she herself is unaware and confused about her own feelings about Sohail which is why she is even more defiant and hostile towards everyone. Thus even though Ishita comforts her to the best of her abilities, Ruhi is left feeling insecure and scared.
The other fresh development, between Gaurav and Simmi is when he calls her in the middle of the night, and when Simmi doesn’t pick up, he texts her for a date the next day. The best part is when Simmi sees the call and text but doesn’t reply at all, and instead hugs her sleeping daughter tightly and sleeps. The feeling is that of a fear of the unknown, and because of her past experiences, Simmi is extremely wary of what the future might hold for her, and there is that vulnerability that comes across in that tight hug.
All the characters are essentially battling with their own feelings, feelings that often act against us. Anger, possessiveness, love, fear, insecurity-it’s an eternal curse.

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