Episode 1008


Okay, so it is not too often that I get to say this about an episode, that I totally LOVED it. While the drama quotient is super high, it does raise several uncomfortable questions about several different topics. So firstly, there is a new man in Simmi’s life who she meets by accident at the theatre and the two go out for coffee the next day. While there is nothing extraordinary about the scene, I love the candour and candidness between them and Simmi particularly steals the show. Like a million people out there in the world, Simmi is now a little battle scarred, jaded and wary of strangers and her hesitation comes across beautifully. And it is impossible to not be able to relate to her, especially the people who have had broken relationships and experiences in the past and now have almost forgotten the skill needed to talk, laugh and even go out with strangers freely- Simmi confesses just how awkward she is. And very unlike the dramatic soaps, the two sit and simply discuss their likes and dislikes realising how very different they are. Gaurav (our new guy) is superstitious, hates dancing, loves Indian and Simmi is the complete opposite. And towards the end, Gaurav opens his fortune cookie and Simmi’s too, which reads she will find love soon, at which there is a momentary glimpse of pain on her face. Yeah, it is a bittersweet feeling that just can’t be ignored. And even as the two walk down the road, Simmi realises just how long a road she’s walked till now.
The second thing that every person will be able to relate too, is the way Raman reacts all through the episode about Ruhi-irrational anger first on the road, then a seething intolerance at her avoiding everyone at dinner, then a genuine concern and love for her going hungry for which he carries gajar ka halwa to her room, and finally, an insane, bat shit crazy anger at seeing Sohail in her room (like seriously, the guy’s level of smartness is to climb the pipes and meet her)at which he simply goes mental and bashes him up. Raman is literally every girl’s father in the world and the fear of losing his daughter is portrayed beautifully. How many times have we all faced the same thing, irrational, illogical anger from our parents, even if we are actually innocent? And more importantly, how to we draw the line between crazy psychotic fear and normal concern for children? Also note how both Raman and Romi simply waste no time in beating him up (ironically both brothers created maximum nuisance as youngsters themselves) while the rest of the family resort to damage control. Ruhi is hysterical and in shock, Ishita stands looking utterly helpless and Sohail is unconscious (his fate is but obvious) and uncertainty is thrown upon father-daughter’s relationship. Like I said, uncomfortable, awkward, too relatable a situation. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds.

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