Episode 1007


And the issue of phone passwords and privacy continues, and now, it’s father v/s daughter. So what happens is this, Raman is basically still stuck on Ruhi’s freedom and privacy rights and the episode begins with him sneakily checking her phone under the blanket (as if it’s the most discreet way to check a phone) and obviously, Ishita scolds him for being too paranoid. Unfortunately, Raman doesn’t even bother to listen to her and he defiantly goes on to unlock her phone, only to have Ruhi furiously snatch it away from his hand. Yeah, this scene has occurred a million times in almost every teenager’s life, and on screen too, it goes without saying what happens next. To further add insult to injury, Raman openly questions her about Sohail and her pictures together on the cell, following which Ruhi gets even more infuriated. She is burning internally and externally, and she gives Raman a piece of her mind and flounces off, even as Ishita tries best to do damage control. But Raman is still undeterred and has learnt absolutely nothing.
Next morning, the cold war between father-daughter continues, with Ruhi now resorting to sarcasm and snide comments at her father. The result is this- Raman too walks off in a huff without eating, and so does Ruhi. Yeah, this is definitely what happens in real life. But honestly, it is basic psychology at one level- Ruhi wouldn’t be so defensive and angry if she was actually innocent-no one gets so disturbed if they have nothing to be afraid off. Only if you are guilty do you get so paranoid and hyper, and while Ruhi is not entirely guilty, she isn’t honest about her feelings either.
So what happens next is that both Raman and Ruhi suffer through their bad mood the whole day, and while Raman blasts his office members and Adi for accepting banned notes (there’s also a mini lecture supporting demonetisation and curbing corruption)Ruhi sits and broods over her quarrel with Raman in the midst of her meeting. Like always, other people suffer their wrath, and while poor Adi is grilled by Raman, Sohail goes on talking to an inattentive Ruhi. Finally when Ruhi does manage to call up Raman to apologise at Sohail’s behest, she overhears Raman yelling loudly at Adi and also complaining about both herself and her brother and their immaturity and incompetence. More than these two, I genuinely feel so sorry for the people who work with the two-they obviously have no explanation ever for their boss’s random mood swings and temperament changes.
So a grumpy Raman is still sulking in his office, and finally Ishita comes in with gajar ka halwa to cheer him up. It works to an extent, and Raman decides to instead share it with Ruhi and go out for food with their three kids. Unfortunately, all good intentions come to absolutely nothing when Raman spots Ruhi stepping out of a building laughing and joking with Sohail and his anger and paranoia is triggered once more.

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