Episode 1006


So without wasting any time, our characters jump right into action, and basically we have an entire episode of 20 minutes being devoted to the issue of sharing a password. Yeah, you read that correctly. The entire family of the Bhallas and the Iyers, who all seem to be going through a mid life crisis, start bickering over sharing their phone passwords with their spouses. Out of all the things that they could have done in their ample free time, this is what they end up doing, fighting over sharing phone passwords. And mind you, everyone is involved, starting from Adi Aliya to the oldest generation- Bhallaji and Santosh and even Vishwa and Madhu.
Without moving too fast however, what happens first is this- Mihika overhears about Surbhi and her fling with Romi while Romi and Adi are giggling about it like two gossipy teenagers. And it’s anybody’s guess what happens next-Mihika slams down the tray of food, and throws a hissy fit at Romi-and shrieks and complains and finally flounces off in a huff. But I have to say this-all the women in the show sure have a talent of hitting the nail on the head-be it Ishita or Mihika who in this case guesses completely correctly about Romi’s extra romantic behaviour the previous night outside. And as far as Romi is concerned, well-you know what they say about karma. All those years and years of inappropriate shenanigans will ultimately catch up with you. Karma will always take payback in this very life. And for Romi-his life has definitely come full circle.
So what happens next is this-it is now Adi’s turn to face fire from Aliya, and thus starts the story of give me your password. Aliya wants his phone, and Adi will open it secretly, without telling her. Add to this a very pissed off Romi looking for revenge at Adi for fuelling his and Mihika’s fight, and thus, you have the trio squabbling loudly.
To enter the merry family is now Raman and Ishita who until a moment ago were debating on how much freedom is Ruhi allowed to have (like as if it matters anyway, Ruhi will still end up doing what she wants, and no one will find out until the very end of the impending catastrophe). And even as Ishita boasts about how much trust and faith they have in each other and Raman would hand her his passcode the second she asks for it, boom. The war is officially one. Raman puts on his expression of disbelief-one of his best looks and acts as though she asked for all his credit cards. The same situation is repeated with Bhalla seniors and Iyer seniors and the women all walk off with their suitcases (the only weapon they use), leaving behind a group of incredulous looking men. And ironically, it is Ruhi who calms them all down and makes peace between them. After the very relatable last episode, we are back to our crazy nonsense.

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