Episode 1016


So Simmi and Gaurav are on the verge of falling in love. After Gaurav has turned saviour for them, and helped recover Madhu’s real necklace, the two stand exchanging sweet glances and Santosh gets a whiff of it. She teases Simmi about it but not much transpires.
Back to the main development, so it turns out that our mystery creepo is even more sinister than we thought and he was actually responsible for Bhallaji’s accident too. He confesses this himself in a sms he sends Ruhi and she is even more petrified now. Raman finally does something constructive and rushes to the cyber cell to complain, but as it turns out, Sohail has already acted (he really is very sensible) and lodged a complaint.
The focus is now on our prima donnas, Adi and Aliya. It is the same done to death story with them, and Aliya is a raging bull and refuses to pick his calls, and even when she does, she is in no mood to relent and super politely, hangs up in his face and switches off her phone. Adi (who really is extremely obtuse at times, and doesn’t possess one bit of tact or diplomacy or even his father’s charm) then has the brainwave to call on her landline, and quite obviously she doesn’t receive it. To make matters worse, it is Shagun who picks up the call, and before she can even say hello, Adi has already started ranting. So even Shagun knows about their lover’s tiff and wastes no time and no opportunity in giving her son a piece of her mind.
So there’s a reason why Shagun is also so pissed off, she too has had a lover’s tiff with Mani, and the situation hasn’t improved at all between them. Mani is still huffing mad about her almost infidelity in Australia, and has absolutely no intentions of forgiving Shagun (for all her smartness and cunning, Shagun completely failed to realise that Mani is unlike any of her previous boyfriends be it Ashok or Manoj, and being extremely straightforward and simple minded, he doesn’t have any greed or temptations). And worst still, Mani has even planned out the future, he wants a divorce as soon as Aliya and Adi get married. Shagun has met her match at last, and no amount of pleading and requesting or tempting with food and good looks helps her case. Mani is that ultimate loyal man, who will give up his life for his love if required, but is equally capable of going mental and losing his head and breaking apart too. This is a different kind of mess for Shagun, and we see how her inherent insecurity hasn’t diminished one bit when she desperately requests Aliya to help her out.But even Aliya fails, because Mani refuses point blank to listen to her and is hell bent on getting her married off at the earliest.
It’s like the characters are all a magnet for attraction calamities of the worst kind ever.

Episode 1015


So a lot of things develop quickly in this episode providing a respite from the super slow teary melodrama of the previous episodes. Firstly, Ruhi finally gets the courage and common sense to tell Ishita about the mms (though with infinite tears and wails) and the reaction is pretty obvious. Ishita is shocked beyond words and devastated and it gets even worse when Raman finds out, and the two parents sitting quietly in their bedroom united by their grief is not something that you can easily forget. But like all parents of this world, it is a grief that turns to resolute strength of character for both of them decide to be a rock for their daughter.
Secondly, the trio of Simmi and Madhu and Santosh turn up at the dealer’s, who is none other than Gaurav (Simmi’s new secret friend). Yeah it’s a pretty small world at times. And she realises the fact after they have abused him greatly. But as it turns out, Gaurav is on their side, and helps them to get the culprit punished and even hands them an authentication certificate. Yeah, we can guess what the Simmi-Gaurav track will be.
Thirdly, and this is the most hilarious yet meaningful sub plot. Mihika turns up at the men’s office to meet Romi where she finds Aliya waiting for Adi. The two have a bet that Adi will keep her waiting just like all the other Bhalla men. But Mihika loses, for Adi turns up in five minutes to go for a lunch date with Aliya. And this is where it gets completely crazy, even as Aliya is talking nineteen to the dozen; Adi is busy twiddling away on his phone only to randomly disappear on the pretext of going to the washroom. Twenty minutes later, there is still no sign of Adi and when Aliya gets up to look for him (beat this), our young hero is busy watching a cricket match on the led screen. Like honestly, the dude is actually standing for twenty odd minutes, gloriously enjoying the match, lunch date with fiancée be damned. And the craziest part is that even when Aliya rails and rants at him, he is still focussed on the match, with absolutely no remorse or guilt. And what always happens between the two, Aliya walks off in a huff. At times like this, I have nothing to say other than the fact that the ones who are single, are the smartest ones out there. I do have a question though, does Aliya have NOTHING better to do all day than look pretty, plan lunch dates, call up her fiancé every five minutes ( in his defence the guy actually works his butt off in office, and the poor dude can’t even watch a match in peace for a break)?
And finally for a change, Sohail manages to get into Raman’s good books when he saves Bhallaji from a road accident and brings him home, and Raman is forced to acknowledge his virtues.

Episode 1014


It is a typically Indian thing that once we decide to victimise a person, we do such a great job of it, that there is absolutely nothing left of his/her identity anymore, except that he/she is a victim, and has suffered enough for entire humanity’s sake to such an extent that the only thing we can possibly feel is pity. Ruhi is no exception here, and we have one episode of her wailing, weeping, whining continuously, and she is unable to confide in anyone, be it her parents, or her brother, or her aunt. While I genuinely empathise with her situation, which is undoubtedly difficult and challenging, especially for a woman, I do not understand why are our girls and women often shown to be such weak, docile creatures, where their only refuge is to burst into tears, and seek the help of (usually) a male. For all our women emancipation films and messages and videos, it’s like we haven’t moved ahead at all, and we are still stuck in a time where taking the help of a male is our only resort. Ruhi doesn’t think of trying to find out more about the video’s location, or trying to get the caller ID of the number, or going to the cyber cell department or doing a million other constructive things. And conveniently somehow even the video doesn’t get deleted from her phone (I need a phone like that where no matter what, my data will not get erased ever, and my life will be permanently sorted) and that again is one of the things bothering her (as if deleting the video will solve all her problems). So all she does is cry, cry and cry some more and look confused. Only Sohail is confided in about the mms, and being genuinely practical, he too asks her to tell her parents, but obviously, she’ss take a while to understand that.
And in the process of her tears, even Raman and Ishita are (obviously) aghast at her weakness (they’re still unaware about the mms) and there is this one heart wrenching scene where they come to check on her when she’s sleeping and they realise that her pillow is sopping wet from tears. And I have to say this, just how brilliant an actor both Raman and Ishita are- and without saying much, just their expressions convey their pain poignantly. And for all his stubbornness, Raman finally gives in, and helplessly asks Ishita to take over and handle her daughter, he simply makes things worse.
In other developments, it turns out that Madhu’s necklace has fake diamonds, and thus Santosh, Madhu and Simmi go to confront the jeweller and bash him up. However, even the jeweller is surprised and sends them off to the diamond’s dealer to talk with him directly.
Meanwhile, Mani is back in town, though he still has no desire to reconcile with his wife and he’s still sulking at Shagun.
Basically in a nutshell, everyone is battling their own wars of everyday life.

Episode 1013


Beginning on a more or less lighter tone than recent episodes, we have Ruhi going into chick mode and whining about her pimple and all the women fawning over her as though she were dying. Meanwhile, even Madhavi faces a sort of existential crisis as Vishwa refuses to notice her new necklace and earrings and she throws a hissy fit, even more when everyone else appreciates it while Vishwa doesn’t (ultimately being the henpecked husband he is-he does acknowledge it, while Madhavi behaves like an adolescent).
Raman meanwhile, is throwing a hissy fit of his own and sulking because everyone was so busy attending to Ruhi that no one paid any attention to his breakfast and thus he’s been hungry all morning. And so Raman’s brain stops working because of lack of food to such an extent that he imagines a burkha clad lady from a food delivery service to be Ishita in disguise, and almost gets accused of molestation-until Ishita herself comes and saves his honour. The main problem with this guy is that he never stops to think, even for a moment, be it about his daughter, or even his wife.
It’s back to drama time now, and I seriously need to know, WHY is it, WHY, that despite his penchant for turning up at the perfect moment and being a paragon of virtues, Sohail always manages to screw up his timings big time when he tries to get close to Ruhi? For the nth time ever, Raman again bursts in on the scene, just as Sohail opens Ruhi’s wig and flirts with her cascading hair, complimenting her beauty. And again for the nth time ever, he bashes up Sohail, and drags a wailing, sobbing Ruhi to the car and takes her home, at which point she simply locks herself up in her room (I would be fed up too). Ishita looks equally frightened and resigned to her fate by now, every time Raman walks in the door, he resembles a murdered in training. Ruhi refuses to open the door despite everyone’s pleas and the family goes back to looking depressed and worried once more.
However, things take on an even more sinister route when Ruhi receives an anonymous video from an unknown number, and the video is anyone’s worst nightmare, an mms of her naked and changing her clothes. It is a double whammy for Ruhi indeed, on one hand she gets grilled by both Raman and Sohail, and now an mms to complete the day for her. And like most teenagers, she is even more petrified as to how her parents would react, which is why when Raman and Ishita turn up in her room on the pretext of fixing Raman’s phone, she hides it and doesn’t confide in her parents, even when Ishita comforts and consoles her. The duo are still squabbling over Sohail’s intentions, even as Ruhi is inwardly dying, and when they leave, she stands completely alone and devastated.

Episode 1012


There is this one incident from my childhood which I truly can never forget. I was all of fourteen; the peak of my teens, and the month was December, when the city gets an excuse to party every day and night literally. And my best friend had gotten a new boyfriend who had club passes to one of the most happening clubs in town and she wanted me to come too. The occasion was Christmas and the who’s who of the teenage social circuit would be present, and there would be drop dead gorgeous guys and girls to check out and dance with and basically go wild since there would be no parental supervision. I remember how unimaginably excited I was at the invitation, and I had my almost full class call up my mom to persuade her to let me go. But my mum refused point blank, there would be no adults around, and most importantly, she barely knew anyone who was going to be present, thus automatically making it unsafe. Till date I remember the incident vividly, and my innumerable entreaties which failed to move her. Perhaps now I understand a bit more than I did then, all those years ago, but there is still this tiny little regret, that if only she had trusted me a little more, and had a little more faith in me to let me go, a little more faith that I would keep myself safe. For if I had gone, what would have mattered years later, is not the party or the fun or the memories even, but the fact that my mum chose to trust me a little more and I would have loved her a little more for it. Because the feeling of not getting something especially when you know every one of your friends have it, is what kills you more than not getting the thing or opportunity itself.
I just couldn’t help but recall this incident when Raman too refused outright to let Ruhi go for the concert. Even as she goes to elaborate lengths to impress him, and asks for permission nicely, Raman still is blinded by hatred for Sohail and again flies off the handle at the topic. Thus, what happens next is obvious, Ruhi openly defies her parents and lies her way out to meet him.
When Raman and Ishita find out the truth, he obviously goes ballistics, and both of them turn up at Sohail’s house to find the press there and Ruhi about to make some big announcement. Basically, even as Ruhi is about to announce that she is willing to do the concert, Sohail cancels it, only to have Raman turn up and mention that the concert will happen, and Ruhi will perform. All’s seemingly well for now, and everyone seems happy and Ruhi goes home. But apparently it’s not the whole story because Raman has some ulterior intentions in mind, and the game is on, as Sherlock would say.

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