Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 1000


On a completely different note, the best part about this episode is that it is the 1000th episode. And they showed a special clipping of all the actors who had been part of the show right from the beginning. So everyone from Ashok to Sujata to our old Mihika was shown, with the title track playing in the background. And I couldn’t help feel extremely nostalgic. When you look back, on these past three years of the show, it’s been such a tremendous journey. A gazillion memories, starting from the whole process of Raman and Ishita coming together, from their old house to their new one, to Ashok’s infinite antics with his then partner in crime Shagun, their numerous fights and make ups, to Param joining him, Rinki’s marriage and murder, Sarika’s scheming to finally Nidhi during which time Shagun and Ishita become best friends. Not to forget, the whole process of Adi and Ruhi’s custody, with Shagun planning and plotting all the time. So many changes, so many new faces, so many old ones. Two separate time leaps. And of all the people, I miss the old Mihika, Ashok and Sooraj terribly. No one can do it quite like them, and even to be the bad guys, you need to have it in you.

Coming back, Sohail turns out to be an angel as he saves Ishita by proving that Nisha was mentally unstable and had been undergoing psychiatric treatment, but her parents had tried to hush it up. And as a result, they take back the case, and Ishita is acquitted of all charges. The family celebrates with champagne and it’s a joyous time. But, the prophetic moment occurs much before all this, when Simmi discusses with Mihika that own family members cannot be trusted at times, much less strangers, and she says how Sohail might be having some ulterior motives too. But even she regrets her words much later during the celebrations; little does she know how correct she was about him. Sohail is not as squeaky clean as he appears to be.

The other best part about the episode was a discussion between Adi and Aliya about Mani and Shagun, and what essentially is a relationship. Adi (for once) said exactly the right thing that Mani deserves to know the truth because the very foundation of a relationship is trust and honesty, and without that, any relationship is completely void and redundant. Aliya, on the other hand, looks completely flabbergasted at Adi’s words because according to her, relationships have to be worked out too. She is right to an extent, but only till the point when there is transparency in a relationship, for otherwise, it doesn’t deserve time or effort.

Meanwhile, Sohail is busy poking his nose everywhere, trying to be of too much use, and now he is in Raman’s business too, lending him a warehouse. Something is wrong for sure, and the first one to get a whiff of trouble is Ishita. Stay tuned to know more!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 999


So the latest saviour for the Bhalla family is Sohail. When Raman is busy harassing all the lawyers in the world to arrange for a demand draft for Ishita, it is Sohail who turns up at the police station with Ruhi’s passport. And on seeing them all look so harassed, Sohail arranges for a demand draft immediately and Ishita gets bail. Not content at that, Sohail again drops off Ruhi at the Bhalla house. Honestly, something is a little weird; no person can be so helpful in today’s world.

Back home, the family does what it does best other than crying, pray. Everyone gathers together and Santosh blesses Ishita. It is now time for her to pay attention to the boss: Pihu. Already imagining the worst, Ishita goes to Pihu’s room, to find the latter packing her suitcase. And immediately, Ishita resembles someone who’s just been told that he has only 3 months to live, and with that tone of voice, she asks her daughter what’s wrong. And on replying that she is leaving, Ishita launches into one of her explanatory lectures where she tries to explain everything starting from her arrest to why she lied to Pihu (is she could, she’d even try to explain why there’s life on Earth and not anywhere else). And after what seems like an eternity, Pihu, (hats off to her patience) mentions that she is simply moving to Ishita and Raman’s room (like seriously???). Ishita again looks normal, and mother daughter hug each other. But funnily, even though Pihu is cute and acts perfectly, it just makes me miss little Ruhi all the time. For some reason, Ruhi was a lot more innocent and carefree.

Cute scenes continue, when Raman wants some me time with Ishita (poor guy), and just as he is about to romance her, Pihu turns up, demanding a bedtime story. And it is Raman’s expressions and one liners that are priceless, and he does not stop trying even as Pihu is wedged tightly in between them.

Meanwhile, back at Mani’s, he is overjoyed to hear that Ishita is out. But his wife does not share the same emotions, and Shagun again mentally abuses the hell out of Ishita, while praying that Mani doesn’t get to know about her and Vidyut’s history and about her antics at the police station (she should have thought of all this before).

Shagun is the topic of discussion in the Bhalla house next morning too, when Raman starts venting out against her, saying that she’s simply cheating and deceiving Mani. Unfortunately, this is all heard by Aliya, who is shell shocked and pained to hear all this (quite obviously). But what I don’t agree with is, when she pleads Raman to not reveal the truth to Mani, because he will be shattered. What is the point of deluding someone into thinking they are in a happy, trustworthy relationship? Especially when you know that the truth is bound to come out into the open one day or the other.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 998


It was a trip down memory lane for me with this episode. A frantic Raman and Ishita in the police station, with Raman calling for bail every two seconds, Ishita trying her level best to prove her innocence to a most uninterested, pissed off and disgruntled police officer, and most importantly, Shagun doing what she loves best, further screw with Ishita. In fact, the only person who I sorely sorely missed (I think everyone else did too), was Ashok. Then the party would have been complete, just like good ol’ times.

So, pretty much the obvious happens. Ishita is further abused and accused by Nisha’s parents, who make all sorts of accusations possible against her, and she tries to persuade them, but obviously to no avail. Raman oscillates between yelling at Romi on the phone to hurry up with the bail (I really really love how some things never change, Romi was and still is the punchbag of his elder brother) and wanting to punch Nisha’s father in the face and all the police officers look pissed off as hell (probably because they are super tired of seeing this couple turn up once in six months and create hell for everyone). In fact, the place resembles less a police station and more of a classroom, where Nisha’s parents resemble the aggrieved parents of the child who got beaten up by the rebellious tyrants(In this case Raman and Ishita) and ACP Abhishek is the suffering, eternally tortured class teacher who has to mete out justice. The only person I genuinely feel sorry for is ACP Abhishek, he has the same “Oh shit, not the Bhallas again” expression whenever someone of the Bhalla family name crops up.

So to no one’s surprise, Shagun turns up halfway through all this, and gives a statement against Ishita too, saying that she was involved with Vidyut in Adelaide and the latter even tried to manipulate her. It’s exactly like old times. Except that Ashok and his scheming is missing from the action.

So, we have the title track playing dolefully in the background, even as Raman and Ishita look sadly at each other, and Ishita is taken away.

Meanwhile, Ruhi has arrived in Delhi, and she is the only one who looks even more hyper and paranoid than Ishita. Already going ballistics over her mom’s arrest, she is still freaking out at the airport when the ever polite Sohail offers to drop her. She mentions that she needs to go to the police station at the earliest, and he immediately agrees.

The last few minutes of the episode are a yawn-a-thon, where Ruhi appears in the middle of the action, to be of no real use and simply shed some more tears, first with her father, and then with Ishita. With the latter, the two cry and deliver the same old, done to death dialogues, and Ishita asks her daughter to reveal the truth of her situation to Pihu. Thankfully, the episode ends at this point.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 997


Why is it that whenever someone in the show gets into trouble, it is always Ishita who gets arrested??? Starting from the time Param put her in jail courtesy Sarika, then Adi, for a false accusation, then Nidhi (twice), again for a false case, how is it that Ishita has this bizarre natural attraction and affinity towards jail? Most women don’t even go to a spa the number of times she goes to the police station. Shagun, Nidhi, Sarika, even Ashok, whose probably got the highest record for doing all the wrong things possible on this planet, none of them have been arrested as many times as Ishita has. At this point the officers probably know her better than her own family members and they probably even keep South Indian snacks and coffee ready for her whenever she comes. And the Hindi saying “aao ji, apna hi ghar samjho” is probably something that literally applies to her at the police station. It’s like anyone in the world will get into trouble, but the one to go to jail will be Ishita. So this time, it’s the Nisha-Vidyut case which is the cause for her to pay her millionth visit to her second home.

So what happened was this, ACP Abhishek found a suicide note in Nisha’s room. In a nutshell, the note accuses Ishita of stealing away Vidyut who was apparently initially in love with her, only to be brainwashed by Ishita. Thus Vidyut is acquitted of all crimes, Ishita gets framed immediately.

Thus, the obvious happens, and in a high voltage dramatic scene (like always), the police come for Ishita, with the entire family present, and even Ruhi who was in an active video call. To make the moment more dramatic (because obviously this isn’t enough) Nisha’s parents turn up and throw some more mud on her and accuse her of being guilty.

Meanwhile Ruhi, who has seen and everything, freaks out completely and decides to go back to Delhi immediately. But there are no seats available on the flight, and she is busy arguing with the lady behind the counter only to be saved by a young guy who offers her his ticket on the flight. Enter Sohail, as we find out later. Later on, the two chit chat and they even pray together to help calm Ruhi down. Apparently Sohail turns out to be a really really wealthy businessman, who can afford to buy an extra seat on a plane just to avoid annoying people (such people with too much money do exist in real life).

Charming young gentlemen seem to be everywhere as even Aliya again bumps into the mysterious stranger who helped her the previous day. He again drops her home. But the question is, why is he always lurking near the Bhalla house and who is he?

At Aliya’s home, while Mani is extremely concerned about Ishita, Shagun wastes no time in vilifying her some more, saying that she is probably guilty. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 996


So the idea of the Bhalla women of teaching their husband’s a lesson is to turn up at the discotheque dressed as guys, and dance to ‘cutiepie’. Sometimes the show does leave me speechless and words fail me, and this episode does precisely that.

To begin from the beginning, what happens is, Raman and Co. decide to ask out the girls for a dance. Until the spycam pen gets hidden in the file, and the women can no longer see the shenanigans of their husbands. That is the precise moment when they get the brilliant master plan to keep tabs on the gang by turning up in disguise at the club. And that is exactly what they do, and Ishita, Mihika, and Aliya turn up with full swag, in punk clothes, replete with chains, caps and wigs and beards and moustaches. Even Yo Yo Honey Singh would probably have lesser swag that they have. But the award for the best guise definitely goes to Ishita, who looks completely unrecognisable in a guy’s avatar, and she gets the body language right too, looking cuter than even her husband. And suddenly the BoB finds their girls being taken away by these mysterious new men who are happily flirting with them.

And according to Bollywood films and Indian telly soaps logic, every conflict or threat or competition can be resolved by either a physical combat, where inevitably someone lands up in the hospital with head injuries (irrespective of where he’s been hurt), or, a dance. In this case, they decide to stick to the latter, and so we have the three men v/s their partners in disguise dancing to ‘cutiepie’. And again, Ishita steals the show for me.

Post dance, Ishita gives the latest updates of the war to Santosh, who’s stuck home with Simmi and the children. After the phone call, she is interrupted by Raman and Romi who seem to be quite impressed with her (Romi does mention that she looks familiar but fails to recognise her). Seizing her opportunity, Ishita plays mind games with them, saying that their wives might have taken their opportunities to have some fun themselves, and for all they know, their women might not even be at home. It works completely, and the men decide to scoot home.

At home, the slightly tipsy men check on their wives, but all seems to be okay (the women had taken shortcuts and reached home, changed, and gone to bed pretending to be asleep). Until the point when Raman finds Ishita’s fake moustache and wig and clothes in the cupboard, and is completely flabbergasted (for once) at his wife outsmarting him and the two end up laughing over the whole matter.

Things are not so rosy for Vidyut on the other hand, and he gets called down to the police station because Nisha, the obsessive stalker, has committed suicide. Abhishek and Vidyut get into an altercation regarding her, and Vidyut’s lawyer intervenes. Things are evidently going to get heated up now.

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