Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 990


A newspaper, two slaps, a temperamental woman antagonist, a super pissed off mother in law, and a blissfully oblivious bahu. This is what the episode is all about. So to start off, Shagun is back to throwing tantrums larger than her, and right at the Delhi airport, she even gives Pihu the cranky treatment and flounces off. And when Aliya and Mani welcome her into their newly decorated home, she wastes no time in whining about Raman and Ishita, and how they’ve manipulated Pihu into staying with them. As a result, Mani ends up trying to cheer her up with roses and food.

Meanwhile, the entire world seems to be engrossed in something in the newspaper and even though Raman and Ishita see people staring at them and whispering, they fail to comprehend anything. It’s obviously something to do with Ishita, for the situation at the Bhalla and Iyer house is super tense too. But Ishita and Raman still have no clue as to what’s going on, and Ishita asks Raman and Pihu to remain in the car so that she can call them up to the Bhalla house and surprise everyone.

So Ishita goes up, and the first person she sees is Adi who is not the happiest at seeing her. And there is a misunderstanding that only gets deeper when Adi tells her that they all know the surprise and Ishita doesn’t bother to verify, simply smiling in complete oblivion to reality.

Even when she meets the rest of the family, they all have the same expression, and everyone is speechless on seeing her. It’s not exactly a happy feeling and when Ishita further talks about her surprise, they all get even angrier. Everyone’s talking in riddles now, as always happens.

Meanwhile, Raman and Pihu are still downstairs waiting, and Pihu is getting more impatient by the minute. The speechless moment is when the driver complains of waiting for so long, and Raman threatens him with a demonetisation joke (this is for all Indians viewers). And suddenly, Romi bumps into him and is utterly bemused at seeing his estranged elder brother standing smiling at him without even a trace of anger. But when Romi hands him a newspaper, Raman’s expression too changes.

Pihu meanwhile is greeted like a long lost kid and the family is super happy to see her. But suddenly out of the blue, Santosh’s patience breaks and she plants a resounding slap on Ishita who is shocked. Then plonking the newspaper on her, she starts abusing her. And finally (I thought I would die of curiosity), we get to see the paper, it’s simply a scandalous article about Ishita and Vidyut in Australia.

The episode ends on this climactic note when in the midst of the family yelling at Ishita for her apparent crime of insubordination, Raman walks in to defend her and finally reveals the entire truth and make belief drama of the past one year, and the family is again plunged into shock and disbelief.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 989


And, ‘hum saath saath hain’ once again!!! In one of the most convenient twists and turns, Pihu is now suddenly in love with Raman and Ishita, and values them as her own parents. So now, Raman, Ishita, Ruhi, Pihu are one big happy family and only Adi is left to complete the picture. How this happens is quite obvious and they spend one whole episode on it. So Pihu’s transformation is brought about by her elder sister, who delivers one super long lecture in the kangaroo park, telling Pihu the entire truth about her birth and Raman Ishita’s history. Why someone could not do this earlier instead of going through such elaborate conspiracies to get her custody and affection, is a question no one really cares about. And therefore Pihu, again too conveniently and miraculously, changes from the grumpy, cranky, tantrum throwing brat to a docile little girl and decides to heed her sister’s advice for once. And even when Shagun arrives on the scene, panicking in the realisation that her daughter is now aware of the truth, Pihu refuses to go with her, and chooses to go with Ruhi instead. And there are no surprises for guessing where they go.

A dejected and forlorn Raman and Ishita are meanwhile waiting for Ruhi at the same roadside cafe. And out of the blue, a smiling Ruhi arrives with Pihu who really looks so much cuter when she is smiling (it reminds me of a childlike Ruhi). And walking up to a completely stunned Ishita, she asks if she can call her Ishima too. And what happens next is anybody’s guess, though it is very endearing and memorable. A speechless Ishita can only hug Pihu and cry, and it is exactly like the scene when Ruhi called her Ishima a million years ago (even without the flashback, it is impossible to not think of the scene). And the credit goes to only Ishita and Pihu, their chemistry is what makes this scene stick out. And even Raman and Ruhi stand quietly in the background, and the title track plays in the background. It’s a happy feeling indeed.

The truly surprising (and again, a tad too convenient for belief) part is when even Shagun turns cooperative and decides to let go off Pihu. Arriving on the scene, she proclaims how Pihu always loved Raman more, and hence she’s letting go of her. Strangely, I actually feel sorry for Shagun, for all her faults, she always has to walk the road alone, and no matter what, she has to give up her own at the end. It is a vital piece of truth that no one can be truly bad or good, and we all have shades of grey in us. And Shagun proves it today, and when she walks away with that look of despair and hopeless resignation on her face, we can’t help feel bad.

A new chapter thus unfolds for everyone. Let us know what you feel about the episode!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 988


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned should be the title of this episode because Shagun certainly has no limits to her anger. This is because she suddenly walks in on Raman Ishita and Vidyut chilling together and realises that it was all a ploy to get Pihu’s custody. And for a whole eight minutes, Shagun rants and raves at them (her pink stilettos sort of add to her anger element), and she walks off with Pihu, leaving behind a blubbering, tearful Raman and Ishita. Vidyut gets his share of temper tantrums as well (everyone from Ruhi to Shagun seems to be abusing him and it’s not even the poor guy’s fault) and he just stands there speechless.

But in the midst of this drama, Adelaide tourism is not to be missed, and there is a lovely pre Christmas parade that is shown, resplendent with all sorts of life size characters and toys.

Pihu too is not be exempt from her mother’s wrath and when Shagun is ranting away to glory, she makes the mistake of defending Raman and says that he is actually a good father. Shagun’s pitch rises some more, to the point of reducing the kid to tears.

Tears don’t escape Raman Ishita as well, and the duo stand and wail about their lost chance. Ishita goes into full whine mode, and cries that she never saw her children’s childhood and never will again while Raman is frustrated and sad.

Back home in Delhi, it is Aliya who finally decides to solve the mystery of Simi’s gifts and when she asks Ananya about them, the latter reveals her ignorance about it. And Aliya starts smelling a rat.

Meanwhile Ruhi, decides to be her parents’ saviour and plans on talking to Pihu alone. She follows them to the kangaroo and koala park. So shopping malls, islands, sea life, vineyards, restaurants, parades, trams and now animals, the creative team has covered all aspects of Adelaide life. And so, we are in the Kangaroo and Koala park, where little Pihu poses with the cute as a button koalas.

The birds section is equally adorable and a super excited Pihu happily feeds the seagulls and the little native birds.

The best part is left for the last, when we are shown the kangaroo park. Kangaroos are definitely the world’s cutest creatures and even Pihu cannot resist feeding the joeys and cuddling them. Ruhi accompanies her there and in the absence of Shagun, seizes her opportunity to convince Pihu about Ishita’s infinite goodness. And using the analogy of kangaroo mothers and how they protect and nurture their joeys (such creative thinking, I wonder), Ruhi tries to convince Pihu. But the latter is stubborn as hell, and the moment she realises her sister’s plan, she bursts out against Ishita. But Ruhi is determined to win her argument and the episode ends; on a very dramatic note.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 987


And the ‘Great Indian Farce’ is revealed once again, and the threads of the tale come together finally. So Vidyut obviously is doing everything to just hand over Pihu’s custody to Raman, and he has no love whatsoever for Shagun. But the latter, whose nature is vain and shall always remain so, is completely trapped by him, and when Vidyut publicly proclaims his love for her, and slips a ring onto her finger, Shagun cannot say no. And even as he is doing the whole going down on one knee and etc, Ruhi happens to see them (how does she always know where they are is a pretty mystifying question) and as she furiously come marching up to cut Vidyut into little pieces and feed him to the wolves, she is pulled away by our mystery lady who had paid Shagun’s molester. And to no one’s surprise, it is Ishita, who finally decides to let in Ruhi on the whole elaborate drama (she probably realised it was for everyone’s safety, especially Vidyut’s as Ruhi would have probably turned his existence into past sense any moment). She mentions everything, saying it was all for Pihu’s custody, though even after all her explanations, her logic seems even more preposterous and bogus. For example, why would Pihu want to come back to Raman just because Ishita was estranged from him? And what happens once Pihu goes back to him and realises Ishita was never separated from him? And how were they so sure Shagun would want to give up Pihu just because a new man is in her life? And why hide it from the family at the very least?

But again, logic is not always their first priority, and we must be content with Ruhi becoming the sweet child again, and smiling from ear to ear at the truth that her parents still love each other.

Back to Shagun, who is still hesitant and in two minds about Pihu and Mani. Vidyut further goads her into getting a divorce from Mani, and then playing the emotional blackmail card, asks her to give up Pihu’s custody to her husband, as he’s not ready for a child. And Shagun agrees. The moment is one of those life-comes-full-circle ones, and for all the times when Shagun had done the same thing to Raman and entrapped him with false words and ultimately taken his child away, the same thing is happening to her now.

Ruhi meanwhile, decides to take Raman’s case and pretends to be very happy about their divorce, until Raman bursts out with the truth. And it’s a mini family reunion again when Ishita Raman and Ruhi come together.

Back in Delhi, Simi is still under the illusion that it’s her daughter who has been surprising her, and even when she herself gifts Ananya a new dress, she doesn’t find out the truth. Fresh trouble is brewing for Simi.

Tell us what you think of this episode in your comments!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 986


One thing gets clearer with each passing day of the show. The production house and creative team are really, really smart people, and more than providing people all over the globe with their daily dose of Indian-ness, the guys behind the scenes sure know their tactics of garnering more fans. The reason for my sudden burst of love for them is simple; they incorporate a small tour of the Oval Stadium in Adelaide, so that even the people who are die-hard fans of cricket but die hard haters of Indian soaps will be tempted to see it. So we have Vidyut showing off Adelaide’s cricket connection, only to be interrupted by Ruhi, who looks like she is capable of destroying the entire galaxy with her anger at that very moment. There are honestly no words to describe the full nature of her wrath which is unleashed on the poor guy. Honestly, if a person like Ruhi existed in real life, Donald Trump would think a zillion times before even saying ‘Hello’ and ISIS would renounce worldly life and become hermits. She abuses him (without actually cursing him) for seducing Ishita away from them, and the poor guy looks like the kid who realises exams are in three days and the syllabus is longer than the telephone directory. Ishita and Raman are probably equally scared of their daughter’s outbursts and they therefore stand in the background and contemplate whether they should intervene and save this Draupadi’s honour. They are too late however, and Vidyut somehow walks out.

Back home, someone is busy sending chocolates and flowers to Simi who is under the impression that it’s her daughter behind it all. But Ananya has absolutely nothing to do with the gifts and our stalker has some serious fishy motives.

The person who seems to be having the time of her life is Shagun, who is being wooed to the extreme tips of her toes by Vidyut (the guy can actually charm like he’s born for it) and the two arrive at the gorgeous, postcard perfect Barossa valley, famous for their vineyards. The weather is the right degree of cloudless sun and the couple look equally fabulous (especially Shagun, in an elegant red off shoulder blouse and a white saree). The two taste their Chardonnay and it happens right when Vidyut goes off to attend a phone call. A man, leering at Shagun from a distance, seizes the opportunity and comes close to her. What happens next is quite obvious, and Vidyut rushes in to be her hero. But what is unpredictable is when he bellows in the man’s face,” I LOVE HER”, and Shagun is actually so taken aback. For all her years of receiving proposals from the opposite sex, she probably didn’t get one so fast; Vidyut’s has to be her record of the quickest proposal ever.

The twist doesn’t end here, because the man then turns around and receives some money from a woman, though we don’t know who it is.

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