Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 985


The drama quotient is upped some more in this episode and it starts off with Shagun, Raman and Pihu at a pretty roadside Italian restaurant. Shagun broaches the topic of Ishita again, and Raman flies off his handle predictably and yells at Shagun for mentioning Ishita’s name, even telling her that she thinks of her more than him (I agree completely). But the unexpected bit is when Ruhi suddenly turns up and lambasts Raman for badmouthing Ishita. This part is not scripted and Ruhi still has no idea of what’s going on. And the fact that she is has Raman’s blood in her is proved when she leaves absolutely no stone unturned in giving him a piece of her mind and blames both him and Ishita for becoming selfish and choosing to move on with their lives, doing as they please. After this, Shagun is quite convinced of the duo’s hatred for each other, though she is now curious to find out who is Ishita’s new boyfriend.

Back home, our detective Adi is on a dinner date with Aliya to pacify her and explain to her. He’s almost succeeded and promised to not answer his phone and Aliya is almost convinced and less pissed off, until the moment when Ruhi calls. He answers and Ruhi is in hysterics and in tears. She complains to Adi about all that she’s seen and heard and throws a full fledged hissy fit, just like Shagun. And Adi now enters into panic mode and suddenly gets up to go outside to talk, and in doing so, upturns the table on Aliya, and all the food spills on her. No points for guessing what happens to her mood now. And Aliya leaves in a huff, angry and hurt even as Adi is happily rambling away on his phone with Ruhi. By the time he’s realised, she’s left.

Cut to an angry Aliya packing her bags for Bangkok when she receives paper planes with ‘sorry’ written on them and she opens the door to find Adi with stickers on his face, looking all apologetic and embarrassed. Adi goes to the extent of performing ridiculous antics with tin cans and almost falls down, until Aliya stops him, at which point he tells her their whole mission of saving their parents’ marriage.

Meanwhile, Raman, Ishita and Vidyut sit and discuss all about their future plans with regard to Shagun and Pihu. They decide that Shagun needs to keep on being interested in Vidyut so that she can hand off Pihu’s custody to Raman when the time comes. Vidyut too realises that Shagun is a person who only does flings, even as Raman mentions a vital truth about her, that she only likes the men who are twisted and carry the ‘Casanova and rich’ tag. The trio plan to have Vidyut take her on a date to the vineyards and charm her some more, just to get Pihu’s custody.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 984


And the action builds up in this episode as Shagun sees Ishita Raman together, but luckily, the two manage to keep up their fake fight in front of her and screech for divorce. But Shagun is not so stupid after all and unknowingly hits the nail right on the head as she says that Pihu will never be in their custody, divorce or no divorce. The LOL moment occurs when Pihu forces her to cook pasta for them and Raman adds to it, and a very displeased and grumpy Shagun now has to cook instead of flirting with Vidyut.

Meanwhile, on the Simi front, something ominous is cooking and even when she’s sitting in the cafe waiting for her mystery lover, Aliya and the kids turn up and confess to their sins. But it’s not the end of the story because we see a silhouette of a man tapping his fingers in the background though we do not know who he is. And back home, Simi unleashes her wrath on the three even as Ananya goes into drama queen mode about Simi’s lack of a husband and mother daughter eventually break into a tearful hug. Mind you, all this happens in serials only.

No words exist in the dictionary that can be used to describe Vidyut’s predicament when he finds out that his date is Raman’s ex wife, and even as Ishita tries to explain their family and daughter situation to him, Vidyut’s first words are “It’s really complicated, isn’t it?” (We viewers know that complicated is just an understatement).

Aliya is STILL moping about Adi’s disinterest in her, and she refuses to go out with Madhu. And for all their idyllic happy lives, sometimes, even by mistake, the characters do utter truths of life sometime and Adi angrily mutters that girls just need attention all the time.

Back in Adelaide, Raman and Ishita further keep at their pretences and this time, the action is in Central Market, Adelaide’s finest market for fresh groceries. While the trio are shopping for pasta, they bump into Ishita (It’s obviously planned by Raman and Ishita) who’s shopping too and the two women exchange some pleasant abuses and accusations with each other. Even as Ishita flounces off with her package, the shopkeeper realises soon that she’s not paid and rushes after her for apparent shoplifting. And even as she screams about her innocence whilst the people are about to march her off to the cops, she goes to the extent of asking Raman for help and he denies knowing her. The situation is saved when out of the blue, Vidyut turns up and starts taking random selfies with the shop owners, and they happily pose, with Ishita (how convenient is that?) The entire point of this elaborate scheme is just to convince Shagun of Raman’s hatred for Ishita and vice versa, as we find out later.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 983


The episode starts with Raman and Ishita on a boat in the middle of a lonely sea, as they stand and talk and mock fight with each other. One of the best, redeeming things about the show is the camaraderie between Raman and Ishita and even as they talk, it reminds me of old times, when Raman would put on his best, Delhi-Punjabi brash front and Ishita would counter attack, and for a welcome change, the scene is exactly like that.

Back home in Delhi, Simi is dressing up though no one knows why, and the kids and Aliya think it’s because of the fake love letter they sent to her. The fact that they all lead such happy idyllic lives is so obvious, and I really wish real life could be so happy go lucky too as to have the time and desire to compose fake love letters.

Meanwhile, Raman takes Pihu to see dolphins in the sea, and while they watch them, Raman tries to subtly brain wash Pihu with a mother dolphin analogy that all mothers are there to protect their children.

A visibly happy Pihu (for once she’s not throwing a tantrum) bumps into Ruhi and the two sisters hug and catch up with each other. Father and two daughters take obligatory selfies and it’s a happy reunion, until Ruhi catches sight of Ishita standing at a distance. We get to know soon enough that it’s all part of the game as Vidyut arrives instantly following Raman’s orders and the two pretend to be a couple in front of her. Again, there’s no point in asking why is all this even necessary and why can’t they simply tell Ruhi the truth, and for no good reason, the two run off as soon as she comes chasing after them.

The preposterousness continues in Delhi as Simi has apparently dressed up to confront her mystery love letter writer, and she has even called the cops to humiliate him some more. Aliya and the kids are dumbfounded when they realise Simi managed to get hold of his number, because the person himself is a figment of their imagination and obviously the number can’t exist too. There’s something more to the story obviously and we just have to wait and watch. One thing cannot be denied for sure, the kids in the show sure are way smarter for their own good.

A super charming Vidyut then shows up two hours late for his date with Shagun (the fact that Shagun has really mellowed down is proved when she doesn’t even throw a hissy fit like she would have done in the olden days) and manages his way out of trouble by massaging her shoulders. At this point, perhaps the creative team have realised that enough oblivion by different people is shown, and this confusion needs to clear up, and so Raman finally finds out that it’s Shagun who is Vidyut’s date but even as he tries to contact Vidyut, he is unable to do so.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 982


Okay so this entire drama about Raman and Ishita staying separated for a whole year was just a huge, nonsensical ruse to keep Pihu close to Raman and convince her that he hates Ishita. For all those who are equally perplexed as I am, this great master plan was cooked by Ishita and Raman. Their great logic was that if Raman could convince Pihu and manage to stay close to her, Shagun would stop with her conspiracies and Pihu would be happy. We are also shown flashback scenes where the two conspire with this plan even as Raman walks out of the house amidst a weeping Pihu.

In this infinitely preposterous plan, millions of questions arise, for example, what was the need for Ishita and Raman to separate and go into such an elaborate, intricate drama if they only wanted to make Pihu happy? And how does staying separate for all this solve the greater purpose of getting Pihu’s custody or even shutting up Shagun? Why not involve the family in the plan at least? Fourthly, and this is probably the most pertinent question of all, which kid like Pihu gets to command so much? If I threw a tantrum like her at her age (If I dared to that is), my mother would have given me one tight slap and I’d have burst into tears and that would have been the end of the story. For all their smartness, no one seems to realise that Pihu, who is just a kid at the end of the day and kids are not the wisest of souls, is actually walking down the road called ‘spoilt brat’ and the ending of the road is not the smoothest of ones.

Talking about smartness, Shagun definitely tops the list in that aspect as she wastes absolutely no time in sucking up to Vidyut and buttering him, even as she multitasks a phone call with Mani at the same time. Vidyut is his charming best too and the two happily go off for their long drive and dinner, and both are equally ignorant of each other’s connections with Raman-Ishita.

Back to Ishita and Raman, who are still waxing nostalgic about their past, and we have Ruhi turning up smack in the middle of the island, looking for Raman. While Ishita scampers off to hide, Raman meets her and happily oblivious to reality, she tells Raman all about Ishita and Vidyut and he keeps up with the sham, mock abusing her. The endearing yet funny part is when Ruhi mock scolds Raman for being too egoistic and careless and Ishita pinches him for behind.

Some more Adelaide tourism is shown as Shagun and Vidyut have their dinner date, in the middle of an isolated dome surrounded by water. Even as Shagun is mentally thanking her stars and luck, little knowing that Vidyut is connected to the couple she hates the most, the speechless moment arrives when Raman calls Vidyut to meet him asap interrupting their date, and he leaves.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 981


For a happy change, this beginning of this episode focuses primarily on showing off Adelaide, instead of mindless subplots and schemes, and I’m not complaining at all. Vidyut takes Ishita to Kangaroo Island, which is extremely scenic and calm; an island surrounded by complete wilderness and long stretches of unspoilt coastline. The duo frolic around the place; amidst the extremely picturesque rocks on the island.

Back home in Delhi, an extremely agitated Adi who is still paranoid about his estranged parents, is too busy stalking Vidyut to give a damn about Aliya who wants him to choose a saree for her. Even as she repeatedly screeches at him, he takes absolutely no notice of her, and Aliya gets pissed off and flounces off. An over smart Shravan, who clearly has ulterior motives of his own, regarding his mother, tries to help her to have her help him, but Aliya twists his ears instead.

Back to mindless subplots, Ishita starts whining about lying to her family and feeling guilty and all sorts of boring things. It is amazing how someone can feel guilty and sad even after standing in one of the most pristine and unspoilt of locations, even as Vidyut tries his level best to convince her.

The bizarre part takes place right after this when out of the blue; Raman appears on the scene (how did he know that the two were at that location is obviously not important to know). And after two seconds of shock on Ishita’s face, the two break into a hug. Going into nostalgic mode, the two comment on the yearlong celibacy and separation, even as they poke fun at each other just like old times. Obviously, there’s more to this story now, and some conspiracy is going on between Raman and Ishita.

The conspiracy is evidently huge and going on for a year, as we find out that Vidyut is not actually dating Ishita, all that was just a farce, though why we don’t know. Raman and Ishita both have some motive for all this, and even as the three chit chat and catch up, Vidyut leaves for his date with Shagun. One piece of the puzzle is left still, Vidyut is unaware of Shagun’s connection with the Bhallas and Ishita Raman are equally unaware of Shagun’s meeting with Vidyut.

Meanwhile, Ruhi has landed at Adelaide and while Adi tries to give her Vidyut’s location, Aliya tries to catch his attention with the saree she’s wearing, but like always, Adi is too busy stalking to notice his fiancée.

Ruhi and Adi continue showing off their detective skills, and they track down Raman’s location with the help of an app, even as Raman and Ishita spend some time together. The one awesome thing about the show is that with age, the dialogues and mannerisms also change, and the chemistry between the two is now a lot more mature and sensible, yet endearing at the same time.

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