Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 975


So this episode begins with Father’s Day being celebrated simultaneously in Bangkok and New Delhi. In the former, Pihu wins the first prize for her helicopter, and on stage, she lauds Raman as being the best. Shagun on the other hand, who does seem to be more civil to her ex husband, tells Mani that Raman too has been indispensable about his daughter’s upbringing.

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 974


And Raman has officially left the house. After delivering some heavyweight dialogues, he walks out while Ishita almost collapses.

And once more, the story has taken a leap. So the situation stands like this, Shagun is living the life in Bangkok, in a palatial, beautifully decorated house surrounded by dozens of uniformed servants. But our lady is still not satisfied; and she looks around dispiritedly and discontentedly as she is bored with everything, the city, the malls, the ‘same old brands’ ( just because the same brands were available in Delhi) and even the array of nail paint that the housekeeper offers her.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 973


In this episode of ‘who corrupted the car brakes’, it is shown (to nobody’s surprise), that Ashok was behind the idea of the failed car brakes, which again, was simply staged by Shagun to further instigate Pihu against Ishita. The plan does work to a great extent, as Raman and Pihu behave exactly as they expected. Even as Pihu rants at Ishita, Raman too is speechless with anger and when Shagun further manipulates the situation by revealing the counsellor secret in front of Raman, he loses his head completely. Ishita is again made the scapegoat and made to look guilty in front of everyone, especially when the counsellor too doesn’t say anything substantial to defend her. Meanwhile, Ashok and Kunal gleefully toast to Ishita’s discomfort.
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Episode 972


And the day of the Couple’s Contest finally arrives and like a bunch of excited 14 year olds, all the characters are ready to put their best foot forward. Shagun looks gorgeous as usual, even though her red dress reminds me of a red velvet cupcake. Even while Aliya and Shagun flatter each other with compliments and fake smiles and the former straightens the latter’s jewellery, the two mentally battle on how to outsmart the other in the Pihu case all the while keeping a perfectly straight face. It is a universal truth that only women possess the beautiful talent to keep a perfectly straight composure and converse normally with each other even as they mentally plot each other’s murders. Continue reading…

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